Young Ghanaian dancer, Abigail Dromo and popular UK dancer Princess K have teamed up in a new Instagram video that has got Ghanaians talking.

In a viral video that has taken social media by storm, young dancers Abigail and Princess K dazzled viewers with their impressive dance moves.

The two were dressed in matching red and black school outfits and sporting backpacks, as they showcased a series of synchronized dance routines, brimming with energy and talent.

The video has since quickly garnered widespread attention with many commending them for their impressive dance moves.

Afronita and Abigail
Afronita and Abigail

Many Ghanaians expressed their joy at seeing the two talented dancers collaborate.

This exciting collaboration comes at a time of ongoing drama between Abigail and her former dance partner, Afronita.

The tension between their families, which has been brewing since they participated in Britain’s Got Talent (BGT), has not gone unnoticed by fans.

The successful partnership with Princess K has sparked speculation about whether she might become Abigail’s new dance partner, offering a fresh dynamic amidst the ongoing disputes.

Despite the swirling controversy, the video of Abigail and Princess K has been a bright spot, reminding fans of the incredible talent and potential of these young dancers.

The positive reception to their collaboration suggests a promising future for both, whether together or pursuing individual paths.

Watch the video below


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