AEW Rampage Spoilers, About AEW, History, And More: Experience thrilling AEW Rampage action: Orange Cassidy defends, The Kingdom triumphs, Skye Blue dominates, and El Hijo Del Vikingo retains in this dynamic episode.

AEW Rampage Spoilers

In the AEW Rampage episode on December 22, 2023, Orange Cassidy successfully defended his AEW International Championship against Rocky Romero. Additionally, The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) won a tag team match against The Hardy Boyz (Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy), with Roderick Strong impressing from ringside.

Skye Blue also secured a victory against Queen Aminata in a singles match. El Hijo Del Vikingo retained the AAA Mega Championship by defeating Black Taurus in a rematch from ROH Final Battle. The article highlights AEW’s commitment to delivering exciting content and previews other matches on the card, showcasing the promotion’s diverse and entertaining lineup for wrestling enthusiasts tuning in to AEW Rampage.

About AEW

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is a professional wrestling promotion based in Jacksonville, Florida. Established in 2019, it is owned by Shahid Khan and his son Tony Khan, who serves as the President and CEO. AEW gained attention by providing an alternative to WWE, with a focus on athleticism, storytelling, and fan engagement. Its flagship show is “Dynamite,” initially airing on TNT and later moving to TBS.

AEW features a mix of established and emerging talent, fostering partnerships with global promotions like New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Impact Wrestling. The company’s inclusive approach allows wrestlers to appear across different promotions. AEW has expanded internationally and hosts pay-per-view events, showcasing its commitment to diverse and entertaining professional wrestling.

AEW History

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) was founded in 2019 as a professional wrestling promotion based in Jacksonville, Florida. Spearheaded by Tony Khan, Shahid Khan’s son, and Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega, it emerged from the success of the independent event “All In” in 2018. AEW aimed to provide an alternative to mainstream wrestling, particularly WWE, with a focus on athletic competition, engaging storylines, and fan interaction.

The company’s flagship show, “Dynamite,” debuted in 2019, marking a return to prime-time wrestling on TNT. AEW quickly gained popularity, signing top talent and forming partnerships with various global promotions. Throughout its history, AEW has emphasized inclusivity, diverse talent, and innovative storytelling, establishing itself as a notable player in the professional wrestling landscape.

AEW Contracts

In All Elite Wrestling (AEW), contracts are agreements between the company and its wrestling talent. Most AEW wrestlers sign exclusive contracts, meaning they can only perform on AEW programming or AEW-approved independent events. This exclusivity ensures that the talents are dedicated to AEW and its brand.

AEW has embraced partnerships with other promotions globally, like New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Impact Wrestling, allowing occasional appearances by wrestlers from those organizations.

This approach fosters collaboration and diversity in talent. AEW’s contracts signify a commitment to building a dynamic roster, offering wrestlers opportunities to showcase their skills both within AEW and, occasionally, on the international stage through these partnerships.

AEW Partnerships

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has formed strategic partnerships with various wrestling promotions worldwide to enhance its programming and create cross-promotional opportunities. Notable partnerships include collaborations with New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), Impact Wrestling, and Mexico’s Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL).

These alliances, often referred to as “forbidden doors” being opened, allow talent exchanges and joint events. AEW’s partnership with Impact Wrestling led to crossover appearances, with AEW World Champion Kenny Omega even winning the Impact World Championship.

Additionally, AEW has worked with DDT Pro-Wrestling, Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling, and others, expanding its global reach. These collaborations enrich the wrestling landscape, offering fans diverse matchups and storylines involving talent from different promotions.


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