Afronitaa Reunites With Dancegod Lloyd After Quitting DWP: Renowned female dancer Afronitaa, highly cherished by fans, has officially teamed up with Dancegod Lloyd, who introduced her to the dance scene shortly after she departed from DWP.

Though Afronitaa had previously disclosed that she looked up to Dancegod Lloyd as a role model, she deliberately chose to keep her distance from the disagreement that developed between Dancegod and the other co-founders of the institution that offers specialized instruction to those who are enthusiastic about dance.

She made it clear in her July 23, 2023, interview on The Delay Show that she avoided taking sides in the issue since it involved upper management and Dancegod when he left DWP and that she felt it was outside of her authority to do so.

However, in a video shared on Twitter (now X), Dancegod joyfully announced that Afronitaa, his prodigal dance partner, has joined him, and they have commenced their collaboration.

Danita Akosua Adomaah Yeboah, known as Afronita officially departed from the DWP Academy weeks ago.

After weeks of rumors, Dance With Purpose Academy, the dance group of which Afronita was part, issued a press statement to confirm her departure.

According to the group, it’s been a tough decision to let Afronita leave the group.


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