Afronita‘s mum has been accused by one Kofi Mahama of being the one behind the ongoing beef between the camp of Afronita and Abigail.

According to Kofi Mahama who is friends with Afronita’s mum and has now switched camp to Abigail has disclosed that after everything he has witnessed, he can boldly say Afronita’s mum is the main orchestrator of the ongoing beef.

Speaking in an interview, Kofi Mahama disclosed that everything Quables who was the former manager of Afronita said during her days at DWP is true.

He stated that Afronita’s mum is money conscious to the extent that she makes money affect and influence her decisions and that is not good for her daughter.

In the interview, he stated that she has had encounters with Afronita and can say she is one intelligent lady he has ever dealt with but her mother who is her manager is not going to help her.

He advised that if this was how things were going to happen then Afronita won’t go far in her dancing career.

Kofi Mahama also asked that Afronita’s parents look for work to do to earn money rather than living on the money their daughter makes through her craft.

He also took the opportunity to tell Afronita and Abigail to fire their parents as managers and seek the services of professionals.

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