VIDEO: Angry Akuapem Poloo Smashes Windscreen Of Musician’s Benz During Arguing: Not even Ramadan is keeping Akuapem Poloo away from trouble as she has taken matters into her own hands to smash the windscreen of a Benz.

In a video circulating on social media, the Ghanaian actress, who has recently converted from Christianity to Islam, is seen engaged in a heated altercation with Theo Vesachi, a budding Ghanaian artist.

The footage captures the two quarreling over a Benz parked at a house. “Theo, you are not going!” she screams before grabbing a metal object to smash the car’s windscreen. Shortly after, some tenants intervene to restrain Poloo from causing further damage

There has never been any known relationship between the musician and the actress, hence, the video comes as a shock to many. Accordingly, some fans have since been doubting the occurrence in the video.

“Make she take to hit the sunroof or headlight that one we will know is not mind games cos the screen she breaks no dey reach 25k,” an Instagramer said with another adding that “When you don’t have content or you became a celebrity with no talent you resort to clout chasing just to trend.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think via the comment box.

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