Akuapem Poloo is on a holy pilgrimage, risking it all for her religious satisfaction.

The Ghanaian actress, who has converted from Christianity to Islam, has traveled to Mecca for this year’s Hajj pilgrimage. Documenting her life-changing experience, Akuapem Poloo has shared how she nearly broke her arm.

In a post on social media, she uploaded photos of the moment she struggled among the crowd to touch the Kaaba.

“I nearly broke my arms just to touch the Kaba 🕋Yes I touched it I kissed the Black Kaba with Determination hard work and the help of Allah I made it New Hajia in town (Hajia Haniya)” she wrote.

Before Islam, the Kaaba served as a sanctuary. According to Islamic belief, it was built by Abraham (known as Ibrahim) and his son, Ismail. According to Islamic teachings, the Black Stone absorbs the sins of those who touch it.

Touching the Kaaba is also a milestone in the Islamic religion that leads to the granting of the Hajia or Alhaji title for women and men, respectively.

In 2022 August, Akuapem Poloo converted to the Islamic Religion after declaring the shahada; thus declaring her belief in the heart and mind that there is only one God, and Prophet Muhammad is God’s human messenger.

In another post about her pilgrimage, Akuapem Poloo said “Oh yes Allah made this possible for me Umrah 2024 mission accomplished.”

Source: Blackgh.com

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