An alleged cannibal, Colin Czech, has been arrested for allegedly eating his victim identified as Kenneth Brown, whom he met at a convenience store on April 28.

KLAS News which cited court documents and 911 calls, reported that Czech was seen hanging out outside the store around 5 AM when Brown, a customer, exited and was immediately tackled. Czech then allegedly sank his teeth into Brown’s face and started munching, consuming flesh, and devouring an eye and ear.

In the 911 call, the shop employee tells the dispatcher that the man, later ID’d as Czech, was standing around all night outside before setting upon his customer. The worker also said Czech got down on all fours like a dog that was about to rush inside the store.

Around 45 minutes later, another caller phoned 911 and described Czech as mounting another man and going to town.

Cops quickly responded and arrested Czech, who had “biological matter in his hair, mouth and on his clothing,” court docs reportedly reveal. Brown later died at the hospital.

Now Czech is charged with murder and reports said he told police he “was going in and out of consciousness” and awake for five days, believing he was possessed.


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