A Nigerian woman, Jane Chukwu, has advised men with dreams and vision to avoid “broke and religious” women. She wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday, April 11.

“Dear men who have dream and vision, avoid religious, broke and prayer house sisters”

I mean those sisters who only job is running around church, doing nothing except going from one prayer meeting to another, those once who join busses to different states in the name of family deliverance.

Who are available for burials and visiting of the sick and people in church.

May you not be a victim of such human being without dream and vision.

May you not get trapped by those who are enveloped with wealth doesn’t matter, heaven is the goal.

They will come into your life, dump their bills on you and claim their prayers is the reason you are surviving and then blackmail you with I have a call from God.

Avoid them with everything in you. Dear sisters with vision, avoid the above male version.

Let them marry their type. Don’t be roped into their cage.

Source: Blackgh.com

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