AY Poyoo Laments After Making Only $100 In His 3 Years Of Doing Music: Ghanaian rap sensation, Emmanuel Yeboah, professionally known as AY Poyoo, known for his eccentric and humorous approach to music, recently shared the financial struggles he faces in the music industry.

The musician, famous for carrying a goat with him everywhere he goes, was in a serious mood this time and was not his usual jovial and fun self.

In a video posted on his TikTok page, Ay Poyoo revealed that he had not made any money from his three years in the industry. He said that no show-promoter has ever paid him up to $200, adding that the highest amount of money he has been paid is $100.

He also expressed his frustration with the lack of support and recognition from Ghanaians and the media.

He mentioned that he has been working hard to make a name for himself, but he feels unappreciated or respected. According to him, people send him disparaging messages on social media.

AY Poyoo, recognized for his comical tracks such as “GOAT” and “Swimming Pool” took to social media to express his financial frustrations. His honesty resonated with many, shedding light on the harsh realities faced by emerging talents in the music industry, where exposure does not always translate into substantial income.

The crooner noted that despite his online success, financial gain has been limited.

Ay Poyoo is one of the youngest music stars from Ghana. Making it to the limelight with just a single release titled “GOAT” (Aponkye). His approach to music is very unique and his messages are mostly targeted at almost everyone.


Did any show promoter pay me 200$ for show before in Ghana where is the lie you people for stop telling me that am disgracing Ghana am only speaking the truth about myself I don’t mean to hurt anyone

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Source: Blackgh.com

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