The fatal accident that occurred on Saturday morning claimed the life of a 3-year-old boy.

According to the report, when the accident happened attention was only shifted to Lilwin because he is a STAR leading to the death of the boy who could have survived if they had attended to him earlier.

The Mother of the dead child has shared her emotions and she speaks for the first time following the accident.

The woman claims her son could have survived if the right thing had been done at the scene of the accident.

She stated that even though Lilwin was the cause of the accident, he was the one people were empathizing with, leaving her husband and son to suffer.

According to her, after the incident, people at the scene rushed to send Lilwin and his team to the hospital for medical treatment.

Her son and husband were left in a pool of blood, as nobody at the scene cared about them.

Well, the young man whose precious life was unfortunately cut shot as a consequence of the accident has been buried today.

May His Gentle Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.


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