Renowned music producer and talent manager Bullet has confirmed the ongoing issues with artist Wendy Shay, revealing that she is no longer under his management.

During an interview on Accra FM, Bullet explicitly stated that there are lingering unresolved issues between himself, his Rufftown Records label, and Wendy Shay.

Despite their best efforts to reconcile, they have been unable to reach a mutual agreement to resolve their differences.

Bullet stressed that the conflict between him and Wendy Shay is not a publicity stunt, underscoring his reputation as a prominent producer who eschews unnecessary hype.

He recognized that disagreements are a natural part of any relationship but emphasized their commitment to resolving their issues.

Bullet remained silent regarding the cause of their disagreement.

He minimized the matter, mentioning that Wendy Shay’s mother had flown back from America to assist in resolving the conflict.

Although Wendy Shay is no longer under Bullet’s professional guidance, he still maintains an open stance towards her.

Bullet has made progress with his label, now boasting a roster that includes two talented artists: Kiki Marley and Baba Tunde.


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