Chef Falia’s Cook-A-Thon Attempt Disqualifed By Guiness World Record: Chef Failatu‘s journey of breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous cooking marathon has turned to disappointment as her attempt was ultimately disqualified, leaving both the chef and her supporters stunned.

Chef Failatu dived into a marathon of culinary creations, showcasing his expertise across a diverse range of cuisines and dishes from intricate desserts to savory delights, he spared no effort in demonstrating his culinary prowess, captivating audiences with his creativity and skill.

Chef Failatu’s resilience and stamina were put to the test despite facing exhaustion and fatigue, she remained steadfast in her determination to break the record, fueled by her passion for cooking and the support of his team and well-wishers.

The announcement came as a devastating blow to Chef Failatu and her supporters, who had invested countless hours and resources into the endeavor.

Nevertheless, the GWR team acknowledged her efforts and encouraged future record proposals.

“We commend you for your tremendous efforts with this record attempt. We hope you can still be very proud of what you have achieved,” stated the GWR management.

While the disqualification may have cast a shadow of disappointment, Chef Failatu remains undeterred in her passion for cooking and her pursuit of excellence.

Below is the full statement from the GWR:


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