Ghanaian musician and entrepreneur D-Black has voiced his concerns about the current state of Ghana’s economy, describing it as the lowest he has ever seen.

In a candid tweet, the artist highlighted the country’s numerous challenges, from rising costs of goods and services to the lack of job opportunities for the youth.

D Black tweeted, “This is the lowest I’ve ever seen the state of our country’s economy. No jobs for the youth. Entrepreneurs are going through it! Costs of goods and services keep rising. The Cedi keeps depreciating at an alarming rate. So much isn’t going well… The people are complaining.”

His comments reflect the growing frustration among Ghanaians who have been grappling with economic hardships. The depreciating Cedi has worsened the cost of living, making it increasingly difficult for individuals and businesses to thrive.

D Black’s tweet has resonated with many Ghanaians, who are united in their concerns about the country’s economic direction.

The ongoing economic crisis has sparked a collective discontent, with citizens from all walks of life calling for urgent measures to address the deteriorating situation.

As the economic challenges persist, there is a growing demand for concrete solutions from policymakers to stabilize the economy, create job opportunities, and support local businesses.

In light of this, Ghana’s Deputy Finance Minister, Hon Stephen Amoah, was asked about the depreciation of the Ghanaian currency, and he said, “Cedi depreciation is a ritual problem. I agree with you. It is not because of one particular government. It is an issue that is nationalistic or that needs nationalistic attention.”

He added that “so far as we keep on being an importer-driven economy, we will be having problems with the Cedi because we import almost everything. But Inshallah, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, next year, if he comes, we are going to design a long-term framework to deal with the Cedi [depreciation].”

However, the Deputy Minister has shied away from his comment. According to him, his comment has been taken out of context.


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