Nigerian police have discovered the decomposed body of a young woman without a head, hands, or legs, believed to be one of the two girls who went missing over a month ago.

The victims, identified as Celine Ndudim from Nigeria and Afiba Tandoh from Ghana, vanished after visiting Andrew Amaechi, a self-proclaimed businessman they had met on Facebook.

The girls were last seen at Amaechi’s residence in Abia State.

A disturbing video revealed that a curtain, identical to one found in Amaechi’s house, was used to cover the body found in the bush.

This curtain was a critical piece of evidence linking Amaechi to the gruesome discovery.

The decomposed body was discovered on Monday, June 3, 2024, by a police team investigating the girls’ disappearance.

Nigerian activist Harrison Gwamnishu, who has been closely following the case, confirmed the news on social media.

He noted that some body parts were removed, and the remaining parts were wrapped in the curtain.


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