Recall that in August 2023, Afia Schwar married and took over social media trends.

After the marriage, the showbiz personality denied claims that she got married to acquire American citizenship.

As alleged by Afia Schwar, she got hitched in New York USA, where she is currently staying.

The announcement was welcomed with mixed reactions, some persons speculating that she got married to become a US citizen

However, in a rebuttal, she denied the claim indicating she is already rich and doesn’t need US citizenship to be better in life.

Afia Schwarzenegger

In a TikTok live she said, “I didn’t marry an American before getting all the properties I have now, so I don’t need it. How many people in America have got a Mercedes Benz, Prado, Venza, s6, houses and co. What hurts my enemies is that the marriage comes with the papers.”

Well, just a year after the marriage, it has come to light that Afia Schwar supposedly married the US-based for green papers.

According to an insider who leaked the information, Afia Schwar paid $20,000 out of the $30,000 the US-based guy charged her to marry her.

Fast forward, the insider claims Afia Schwarzenegger and her contract husband got high and ended up ‘chopping’ themselves which resulted in her new pregnancy.

The source stated that her husband quested for his balance of $10k but Afia Schwarz insists that she can’t pay him the money because she is now pregnant for him.

Her husband per the source has asked her to terminate the pregnancy but Afia insists she is keeping the pregnancy.

See the message from the insider below:

Well, reacting to the claims, Afia Schwar has shared a new video of herself cruising with Kwabena inside a moving car.

As usual, Afia Schwar intentionally refused to show Kwabena’s face but the purpose of the video was to dismiss the assertion that there was a brewing chaos in her house.

Although Afia Schwar has subtly claimed that all is well at home but her critics have maintained otherwise.

Watch the video below


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