Ghanaian actor Stephen Atangah, popularly known as Don Little, has shared a nightclub incident from his time abroad that nearly led to his arrest.

During an interview with Giovanni Caleb on TV3’s Showbiz360, Don Little recounted the eventful night out with friends overseas.

Excited for a night of fun and relaxation, Don Little and his friends attempted to enter a nightclub. However, they were stopped by the security guard at the entrance who mistook Don Little for a child due to his small stature.

“I was eager for a night of fun and relaxation. My friends suggested various nightclubs, so we decided to give it a try… They advised me to bring my passport, but I assumed the process would be similar to Ghana,” he explained.

The security guard questioned him, asking, “Hey little boy, where is your mom?” Despite his friends’ attempts to vouch for him, the guard remained skeptical, insisting that Don Little was underage.

Feeling insulted and frustrated, Don Little confronted the guard, which led to a threat of police involvement if they didn’t leave the premises.

Fearing further escalation, Don Little and his friends decided to return home for the night to avoid any potential legal trouble.

“I questioned if he recognized my stature back home, but he ignored me, nearly causing an uproar.

He warned that the police would be called for my arrest. So, we decided to head back and call it a night,” he said.

Don Little recently spoke about how his height has impacted and will continue to affect many opportunities in his life.

He expressed concerns that despite having the necessary qualifications, he fears his height might prevent him from being considered for jobs.

This issue of height discrimination has been a significant challenge for him, both personally and professionally.


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