The Electoral Commission (EC) has scheduled an emergency meeting of the Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) for Tuesday, April 9, in response to pressing matters that require attention from political parties.

The initiative follows requests from the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the primary opposition party, urging the EC to convene discussions with political stakeholders.

The NDC specifically highlighted concerns regarding missing laptops and the return of certain outstanding Biometric Verification Devices (BVDs).

In an invitation letter addressed to the participating parties, the EC outlined an agenda encompassing various pertinent topics. Among these are the forthcoming voter registration exercise, the upcoming Ejisu by-elections, and updates on the commission’s biometric equipment, alongside any other relevant issues.

Speaking on TV3 Mustapha Gbande, the deputy general secretary of the NDC, expressed gratitude for the EC’s decision to heed their request, acknowledging it as a gesture of goodwill. He emphasized the need to address concerns regarding potential tampering with machines, advocating for the adoption of prescribed standards and tools to ensure integrity.

Gbande underscored the importance of transparency and reconciliation to safeguard the credibility of electoral processes, reassuring stakeholders that measures would be taken to prevent any compromise thereof.


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