ECG Embarks On Nationwide Meter Audit From February To December: The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) will conduct a nationwide meter audit from February to December, examining both post-paid and prepaid meters for integrity.

Operating under the authority of the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission’s LI 2413 (2020), ECG emphasized its mandate to access installations at any time.

In a statement, the ECG said any attempt to physically prevent or deliberately frustrate ECG teams to assess your assigned meter will lead to the disconnection of the service to your house.

The ECG is aiming at building confidence in the bills it delivers to customers, capturing the consumption readings to be sure it syncs with what ECG agents have been reading, in order to be able to produce actual bills and collect arrears owed by customers.

Customers have been urged to verify ECG personnel’s identification cards during visits to maintain credibility and avoid encounters with imposters.

The ECG as part of revenue generation and minimize power losses, started a meter auditing exercise, referred to as Operation Fix the Bill, Pay the Bill in November last year.

This operation involved ECG personnel being dispatched across their operational areas to assess the integrity of meters and customer connections.


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