Empress Lupita has made a notable return to social media following several months in rehabilitation.

Empress Lupita, along with her husband, known as ‘Godpapa The Greatest,’ had previously been declared mentally ill and unfit due to a series of bizarre behaviors.

In her comeback post, Empress Lupita expressed her undiluted love for her followers.

As seen in her self-made video first shared on her TikTok page, Empress Lupita has gained massive weight along with new double nose piercings.

In the now viral clip, she hinted at resuming her online presence and entertaining her fans as she did before her hiatus.

Watch the video below

Last year, Empress Lupita and her hubby God Papa The Greatest were remanded in police custody over accusations of killing two of their three children.

The Tema District Magistrate Court ordered them to undergo psychiatric medical assessments, suspecting mental illness.

It was alleged that they buried the bodies of their deceased children, while their youngest child managed to escape and later shared harrowing accounts of his experiences under their care.

In an interview with Kofi Adoma, the couple claimed they sacrificed one of their children, believing he was possessed by an evil spirit.


Source: Blackgh.com

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