Etty Bedi shocked fans with a bold confession at the premiere of Fella Makafui’s movie “Resonance” at Silverbird Cinema in Accra Mall, dressed in white and flaunting a blond hairstyle highlighting her body art.

The event, held on Saturday, attracted a large crowd, but the buzz soon pivoted to Etty Bedi during her interview with Eddie Nartey.

Displaying unusual behavior, the budding Ghanaian actress revealed she had experimented with marijuana for the first time, which influenced her speech and actions on camera. “Why are you behaving like a good girl?” Eddie Nartey inquired.

“I’m a very good girl,” Etty responded, her gestures betraying a struggle to maintain composure. “I’m very happy about the project. It feels monumental; like we’re making waves in Ghana. And yes, probably because I’ve tried weed, but I’m handling it.”

Surprised by her openness, Eddie Nartey probed further about her choice to use marijuana before stepping onto the red carpet.

“There’s always a first time for everything, and I like exploring new experiences,” she explained. Her unfiltered honesty continued as she shrugged off concerns, saying, “It doesn’t matter; everyone has their moments … I’m a bit high,” she admitted candidly.

The interview above has since gone viral, sparking debate among X users. Some criticized her actions, while others speculated it was a calculated move to capture media attention.

Meanwhile, Fella Makafui celebrated the overwhelming success of “Resonance,” which had an impressive premiere in five rented halls, drawing crowds of movie enthusiasts and a host of celebrities including Wendy Shay, Salma Mumin, Prince David Osei, Kalybos, Wesley Kesse, Elikem the Tailor, and comedian Warris.


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