After a turbulent journey, social media influencer Elorm Ababio, popularly known as Ama Governor, has finally been called to the Ghana Bar.

Today, May 31, 2024, Miss Ababio joined 181 other individuals who were sworn in as new lawyers at the ongoing ceremony.

Clad in her gown and robe, Ama Governor walked upstage to receive her honors and call to the profession.

Ama Governor

This marks a significant milestone in Ama’s career, overcoming the controversies that surrounded her call to the bar in 2022 and 2023.

Ama’s call was first announced last week when the General Legal Council through an official notice, listed her among the new Ghana Law School students to be called to the BAR.

The official notice stated: “The list of persons qualified to be called to the bar per a notice issued under the hand of the Director of the Ghana School of Law is not exhaustive and may change upon the attention of the General Legal Council drawn to certain irregularities.”

Ama Governor’s journey to the bar has been marked by significant public attention and controversy. Her outspoken nature and her open discussion about her sexuality have made her a polarising figure in Ghanaian society. Despite the challenges, her determination and resilience have finally led her to this significant professional milestone.

The news of her call to the BAR has generated considerable buzz on social media, with supporters praising her perseverance and critics continuing to voice their opposition. Nevertheless, Ama Governor’s call is a testament to her commitment to the legal profession.

The vocal socialite is yet to make any public statement on her new achievement.


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