Freezy Macbones Proposes Marriage To Delay: Ghanaian-UK-based boxer, Freezy Macbones has openly proposed marriage to Ghanaian TV presenter, Deloris Frimpong Manso better known as Delay.

The Ghanaian boxer openly shared his desire to marry The Delay Show host whilst appearing on the show.

He candidly revealed his admiration for Delay as the interview kicked off. “Wow!” was his initial exclamation upon being welcomed to the show.

When questioned about the reasons behind his expression, he added, “I can’t believe it.”

Expressing his disbelief at being seated in front of Delay, Macbones went on to disclose conversations he had with people about marrying her. He passionately stated, “You can ask Sister Denta; I’ve always told her that I won’t marry anyone except you. Meeting you is all part of God’s plan.”

Maintaining the visage of a man deeply in love and thrilled to have met his crush, Macbones listed the reasons why he wished to marry Delay in response to her inquiry. This occurred after Delay asked if his statements were sincere or made in jest.

After the interview, Freezy and Delay shared a video of themselves sipping coffee while having tête-à-tête. “Ain’t easy being freezy,” the boxer captioned the video.

Freezy McBone


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