Renowned actor and former minister, Fritz Baffour has said that Ghanaians prefer to celebrate ” Preference for Celebrating Foolishness”‘foolish people’

The highly acclaimed Ghanaian photographer James Barnor is set to turn 95 on June 6, 2024, and he is currently in Ghana to commemorate this significant milestone with the James Barnor 95 Festival.

The James Barnor 95 Festival stands as a tribute to cultural legacy and creative ingenuity. Beyond honoring the renowned photographer, its vision extends to fostering lasting influence on Ghana’s arts and cultural landscape.

Hailing from Ghana and born in 1929, James Barnor established his esteemed Ever Young studio in Accra, capturing the essence of our nation during its independence era. As the inaugural photographer-journalist to partner with The Daily Graphic, a publication of London’s Daily Mirror Group, he solidified his pioneering status in the field.

During a press gathering at the Ghana Club in Accra on Friday, May 31, James Barnor introduced the James Barnor 95 Festival. Scheduled events for the festival encompass exhibitions, screenings, and concerts to honor his legacy.

During an interview with Citi TV at the press event, which was covered by Blackgh, Fritz Baffour, a notable guest, expressed his belief that James Barnor’s contributions have not received adequate recognition.

The esteemed actor emphasized that Ghanaians have not given their icons the recognition they deserve, as they often prioritize politics and trivial matters over celebrating their achievements. He highlighted Ghana’s rich cultural heritage and traditions, emphasizing the importance of honoring individuals like James Barnor who showcase these aspects of Ghanaian identity.

“Instead, we seem to glorify individuals who lack substance, while those who consistently illuminate our society, like this remarkable 95-year-old man who continues to inspire others with his wisdom and encouragement, are often overlooked.”

The ex-MP for Ablekuma South suggested that Ghanaians require a clear sense of purpose that instills pride in our identity.

“There is so much separation in the country and I blame Politics for that…we must learn to tolerate each other and learn to work with each other”.

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