Minister of Information, Fatimatu Abubakar has strongly criticized the handling of Cecilia Dapaah’s case by Ghanaian authorities, suggesting the approach would differ if it were under U.S. jurisdiction.

Abubakar emphasized that in the United States, the case might not have been immediately labeled as money laundering.

“If it was in America, the case would have been handled differently and not tagged as money laundering,” she stated.

Abubakar suggested that a different approach could have led to a different outcome, rather than branding a woman who has dedicated many years to public service as a money launderer.

“She is over 70 years old, has worked with the COCOBOD, and in cosmetics even before her entry into government. She’s accomplished a lot, served as a minister under Kufuor’s government, and received ex-gratia for being an MP. Besides that, she owns family properties and has assets from her husband, who is a renowned architect,” Abubakar elaborated, highlighting Dapaah’s extensive career and personal achievements.

Cecilia Dapaah
Cecilia Dapaah

The Minister also noted that discussions could focus on Dapaah’s decision to keep substantial funds at home rather than in a bank, without immediately assuming corruption or money laundering.

“There will be conversations about why she left her funds at home rather than the bank,” Abubakar remarked.

Speaking on the broader implications for Ghana on Yen Nsempa on Onua FM Morning show, Abubakar expressed disappointment at the skepticism surrounding an individual’s ability to amass wealth legitimately.

“It is disheartening to think that in Ghana, regardless of one’s education level or years of service in both private and public sectors, it is assumed that a 70-year-old cannot legitimately possess million dollars,” she commented.


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