Government Secures Modern Trains From Poland: The Government of Ghana has successfully procured 12 state-of-the-art trains from Poland.

The move is poised to revolutionize the country’s rail network and contribute to the overall development of its transportation sector.

The procurement of these modern trains is part of the government’s commitment to improving and expanding Ghana’s railway system with a focus on providing efficient, reliable, and sustainable transportation solutions.

The introduction of these cutting-edge trains aims to meet the growing demand for modern and comfortable travel options. The initial batch of 12 contemporary diesel-powered trains is intended for operation on both regional and long-distance lines of Ghana Railways.

It is anticipated to be delivered from Poland by the middle of the upcoming month. According to details obtained from the Polish website “RK,” the inaugural unit is currently undergoing final tests at the Pesa factory in Bydgoszcz.

There are indications that the new diesel multiple unit could be en route to Ghana by the conclusion of this month.

Under the overarching contract with the Ghanaian Railways, provisions have been made for 12 diesel multiple units, with an additional 10 units as an optional consideration for the contracting party.

Notably, the technical specifications of the vehicle closely mirror those of the RegioFox units manufactured by Bydgoszcz for Czech Railways.

Deputy Information Minister Fatimatu Abubakar affirmed the authenticity of the news by sharing images of the trains on her social media platform, confirming the development on Friday, January 19th.


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