It’s no more news that Wendy Shay has parted ways with the RuffTown Record label after working together for seven(7) years.

Days ago, Wendy Shay was online and throwing shades at her former label and manager which got people thinking about what could be happening between the two.

Some people saw it as one of the gimmicks of the label to be in the trends and finally drop a new song which would get people talking about them.

But that seems not to be the case as Bullet has come out to confirm that Wendy Shay is no longer under his label and management.

Appearing as a guest on UTV’s United Showbiz hosted by MzGee on Saturday, he revealed that he had a misunderstanding with Wendy Shay and asked her to leave.

According to him, Wendy Shay’s contract under RuffTown had expired and an American record label came to meet them on the possibilities of signing her onto their label.

After listening to them and pondering over it, he didn’t feel convinced and therefore kicked against Wendy signing the said deal.

Days after they had a misunderstanding and he angrily told Wendy Shay to leave the label if she was not happy.

“Most of the time when Artistes and their labels fall out we blame the artiste. However, in our case I blame myself. I got angry at a point and told her if she wanted to go she could go. I have seen that she has done a diss song for me as a result. But I am proud of her accomplishment since we fell out,” he said.


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