How Heartbreak Landed Me In A Psychiatric Hospital – Sista Afia: Ghanaian singer Sista Afia recently shared a deeply personal experience in an interview, recounting how a heartbreaking betrayal led to her admission to the psychiatric hospital.

The artist revealed that her boyfriend, whom she had invested a great deal in, got married to someone else without her knowledge, leaving her devastated when she discovered the truth a few days later.

Sista Afia

The profound emotional impact of the betrayal resulted in a prolonged period of heartbreak for Sista Afia, to the extent that she sought help at a psychiatric hospital to cope with the overwhelming emotional distress.

Sista Afia expressed the difficulty she faced in trusting men again, emphasizing the lasting scars left by the betrayal.

“I was even admitted to the psychiatric hospital because of how broken I was. It will take me a while to trust men again” Sista Afia stated.


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