Abena Korkor and his newly found friend Nana Tornado have caused a stir on social media with a recent video that has received mixed reactions from social media users.

For some time now, Abena Korkor and controversial Nana Tornado have been sharing videos of themselves having fun together at various resorts and restaurants.

Recently, Abena Korkor shared a video of herself and Nana Tornado cruising around town in a luxury Mercedes Benz.

A new video from the camp of the fearless duo that has surfaced on social media shows the two lodging in the same hotel room.

In the video, Nana Tornado can be heard teasing Abena Korkor for walking like a jonky. As suspected, the two spent the night together in the same room hence social media users have drawn various conclusions from the clip.

Watch the video below

Source: Blackgh.com

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