How To Access DSTV Live Chat: Are you a DStv subscriber and wish to know how to access DSTV live chat? Well, look no further as this article has been detailed to perfectly suit your question.

With the evolution and fast growth of technology, several companies have adapted to modern ways of communicating with their customers through easy means and Digital Satellite Television (DSTV) is no different from their DSTV live chat.

Although there are several means of reaching DSTV to either make a complaint or to make an inquiry, one of the best and easiest ways of communicating with DSTV for assistance is through their Live Chat option.

A lot of subscribers prefer using the DSTV Live Chat because there’s always an agent available to respond to your messages. This communication tool is available Monday to Sunday, from 7 am to 11 pm because, within these hours is when several people are actively watching their favorite show, movie, or sport.

How To Access DSTV Live Chat

With the introduction of Live Chat, DSTV is one of the companies that are effectively and efficiently using the Live Chat service.

The DSTV Live Chat service might sound technical but in actual fact, accessing this communication tool is very simple and convenient.

The DSTV Live Chat can be used to perform a lot of functions including; checking your balance, clearing errors, reconnecting your package, paying your account, making payments, viewing your amount due, and subscription expiry date, among other services.

Here’s how to access the DSTV live chat feature.

  1. Visiting the DStv official website

With the help of your smartphone or ios phone, kindly visit the DStv official website

  1. Locating MyDStv/Log in

On the top menu after the website is fully loaded, click on MyDStv and log into your account

  1. Lets Chat Button

Once the account has been logged in, find the “Let’s Chat” button at the bottom right of the screen. Now, click on the ‘Let’s Chat’ button.

  1. Chatbot

Now with the Chatbot option, you will be assisted with the necessary information regarding your issue.

However, if you wish to talk to a live person, to perform this task, type in ‘Speak To A Live Agent’ and press enter.

You will be required to provide a few details including (your name, phone number, email address, query type, and the name of the registered account holder) before you can be transferred to a live agent.

When you can provide all these requirements, you will be connected to a live agent and you can begin your chat.

Why Chat With A DStv Agent

As stated earlier, chatting with a DSTV saves your productive time. That is, with this communication tool, there’s no need to visit the nearest DSTV office for assistance or to make inquiries.

Although several companies are moving away from live chat towards chatbots, the good thing is that DSTV now has a chatbot facility that rides on live chat.

The DSTV Live Chat assists a subscriber to perform several functions which include, checking your balance, clearing errors, reconnecting your package, paying your account, making payments, viewing your amount due, and subscription expiry date, among other services.

With their 7 am to 11 pm from Monday to Sunday work time, a subscriber can reach out to them any time they have an issue.

How Can I Chat With DStv On WhatsApp?

Several DSTV subscribers usually complain that reaching out to an agent at DSTV to talk to when they are faced with issues is sometimes difficult and the available phone lines are not toll-free.

There are many ways to contact DSTV for assistance or to make a complaint. One of these numerous ways is through reaching out to them by installing WhatsApp on your mobile device.

However, as a subscriber, you might want to know the DStv WhatsApp number and the process of communicating with customer care. Below are the steps to follow to Chat With DStv On WhatsApp. Note that, WhatsApp works only on smartphones.

Here is the DStv WhatsApp number, ‘060 060 3788’
Save the number on your phone smartphone
From your smartphone’s ‘Appstore’ or ‘Playstore’, download and install WhatsApp messenger
Search for the DSTV number you saved (060 060 3788) and start a chart by starting with ‘Hello’.

You are now active to chat with DStv and can proceed to make all inquiries and complaints. You also can chat with them to aid you in reconnecting your channels, clearing error codes, and upgrading or canceling a package. The WhatsApp line works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How Do I Talk To A DStv Customer Care Agent?

There are different reasons people reach out to DStv customer service. This varies from person to person. Someone might reach out to customer service to complain about an issue, while another person might want to ask a question or for assistance.

Whatever your reason is, DStv has made available some means a subscriber can use to reach them. Here are some of the customer care platforms provided by MultiChoice for DStv customers. They are;

  • Via their Mobile App
  • DStv on Twitter
  • Facebook page platform
  • Telephone lines
  • Via email


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