Dayz Error 0x00040031: How To Fix Dayz Error 0x00040031: Fix DayZ Error 0x00040031 by logging out and restarting the game or checking for updates on your system. Resolve connection issues causing this error and get back to playing smoothly!


DayZ is a survival video game made by Bohemia Interactive, built from the Arma 2 mod. After five years of testing on Windows, it officially launched in December 2018 and hit Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2019.

The game throws you into a made-up country, Chernarus, hit by a spooky plague turning folks into aggressive “infected.” You, as a survivor, scavenge for essentials like food, weapons, and medicine.

But watch out for the infected and other players—you might need to team up or face off to stay alive. Updates also added a new place called Livonia, borrowed from Arma 3.

Started in 2012 by Dean Hall, the mod’s creator, DayZ got going when Hall teamed up with Bohemia. They’ve been tweaking the game’s engine, improving the way the game talks to servers, and adding cool stuff like diseases and a better inventory. Early access was a hit, selling over three million copies!

Dayz Error 0x00040031

DayZ Error 0x00040031 means there’s a problem connecting to the game’s servers. It’s like trying to open a door but finding it stuck.

This error pops up when the game can’t check if you’re allowed to come in and play. Imagine you’re visiting a friend’s house. Normally, you knock on the door, they check through a peephole, and if it’s you, they let you in.

But sometimes, their peephole gets foggy, or the door’s lock jams, and they can’t see or confirm it’s you. That’s what happens here—it’s like the game’s door is having trouble recognizing you.

This issue might happen because the game’s server is acting up, or maybe something on your end is causing a communication problem between you and the game.

It can be fixed by trying different solutions, like logging out and back in or making sure everything’s updated.

How To Fix Dayz Error 0x00040031?

Error 0x00040031 in DayZ usually means there’s a problem logging into the game servers. Here’s how you might fix it:

  • Logout and Restart: Try logging out of your game account (on Steam, Xbox Live, etc.), shut down the game or console, then log back in. Sometimes, being logged in for too long causes this issue.
  • Check for Updates: Make sure your game and console/PC have all the latest updates. Updates often fix bugs that cause login problems.
  • Close Background Apps: Some apps, like Discord, might interfere with the game. Close them before launching DayZ.
  • Contact Support: If none of these fixes work, it’s a good idea to get in touch with DayZ support. They might have more specific solutions or know about ongoing server problems causing this error.

Give these a shot, and hopefully, you’ll be back in the game in no time!


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