I Am Single And Not Searching – King Promise Opens Up On Relationship Status: Award-winning artiste, King Promise has opened up about his relationship status, affirming that he is currently single and not actively searching for a romantic partner.

In an interview with Youtuber Madame Joyce in the United Kingdom, when King Promise was questioned about his dating life, the artist responded with a laid-back attitude, stating, “No, living my life, I am outside, if you find me you find me. Naa I’m just chilling. I’m not looking and I am not running from it as well. It is whatever happens really.”

King Promise also shared insights into his recent collaboration with Gabzy, expressing his longstanding desire to work with the talented individual.

However, the highlight of the interview was the revelation of King Promise’s upcoming album, slated to launch later in 2024. Titled “True to Self,” the artist described the album as a reflection of his authenticity and vulnerability.

“The album is about me being true to myself. Like when you hear Terminator, it is me. My vulnerable self. That is really what I feel. It is really at a point in my life where I speak what I feel, say what I feel, and look at the growth at the moment…I have been working on it for a year now, and finally, it is time,” King Promise shared.

Fans can anticipate a deeper connection with the artist’s personal journey and emotions through the upcoming album, which promises to showcase a more genuine and authentic side of King Promise.

Source: Blackgh.com

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