Ghanaian Kumawood Actor, Kwaku Manu has disclosed that he has decided not to make friends in the movie industry due to ingratitude.

During an interview with Hagar Owusu on the Spectacle on GTV, the outspoken actor recounted numerous occasions where his acts of kindness were met with betrayal.

He expressed disappointment, stating, “I can’t recall anybody that I have helped that has shown gratitude for my good deeds. I can count 10 people off the top of my head who repaid my kindness with evil.”

Despite his negative experiences, the comic thespian affirmed his commitment to assisting others in need within the industry. He emphasized, “Even though they repay my good deeds with evil, I still continue to help them.”

Furthermore, the actor cum presenter cautioned against inviting those seeking help into one’s home, citing his own learned lessons.

“I’ve learned from this experience over the years so I always advise people not to accommodate the people they want to help because they might turn their back against them,” he advised.

Kwaku Manu’s candid reflections shed light on the complexities within the movie industry and serve as a cautionary tale about the challenges of navigating relationships amidst acts of kindness.


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