A 33-year-old lady has gone to TikTok to vent her dissatisfaction about her lack of accomplishments.

She revealed in the video that although she recently celebrated her 33rd birthday on May 28th, she is still jobless, single, without children, and a house or car.

She said that she is carrying on with her life despite these difficulties.

Her video received a lot of attention, and many people commented that they had experienced something similar.

One wrote: “you’re not alone sissy”

another wrote: “It gets worse. I am 40 and in the same shoes.”

Another wrote: “U not alone babe same everything 33 no kids…….just like you”

Watch video below

@bells_194 #fypシ #foryoupage #tiktoktrendingvideo ♬ original sound – Sthah-kamlambo Mzobe

Source: Blackgh.com

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