Ghanaian actress and singer Fella Makafui has opened up about the personal growth she has experienced in recent years.

Fella explained that with her past experiences and how mature she is now, she decided to avoid exposing her private life on social media.

The actress noted that unlike her past self, who would want fans to know whatever was happening in her life, she had concealed a lot that happened in her life from the public.

“I have learned from my mistakes and I have grown over the past years. The then Fella would probably just be all over the place, I want people to know what is going on in my life, I have so much growth that I want to keep certain things private…this new Fella happened long ago since 2019, 2020 thereabout,” she said on The Day Show on May 5.

“All over the place because I am Fella but what I mean is certain things I have kept very private. I am telling you for a fact,” Fella Makafui replied when Berla Mundi sought to find out why she’s been seen everywhere if she claims she’s living a private life.

Explaining her reason for taking such decision, Fella recounted how she was disappointed after not receiving the needed support she had expected for her wine shop and other businesses she had earlier set up.

The actress also mentioned that due to this experience, she has also resolved to keep four businesses she currently own private.

Speaking to Berla Mundi on The Day Show, Fella mentioned that her decision stems from the challenges she faced with her Beauty by Fella Makafui business established in 2017.

According to her, she was expecting much support from certain people close to her but did not get that, hence her decision to keep her current four businesses in private.


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