Ghanaian rapper Strongman has publicly expressed regret for involving actress Fella Makafui in his feud with fellow musician Medikal.

In a recent interview, Strongman admitted that bringing Fella into the public altercation was a mistake and offered his apologies for any harm caused.

The feud between Strongman and Medikal captured considerable attention in the Ghanaian entertainment sphere, with both artists trading diss tracks and engaging in social media exchanges.

However, tensions escalated when Strongman referenced Fella Makafui, Medikal’s girlfriend, in one of his tracks, following Medikal’s mention of Strongman’s girlfriend Nana Ama. This move sparked controversy and drew criticism from fans and industry observers alike.

Reflecting on the incident, Strongman acknowledged that he had overstepped by involving Fella Makafui in the feud. He expressed remorse for any hurt feelings or negative consequences arising from his actions, emphasizing that his intention was never to cause harm to anyone beyond the scope of the music rivalry.

In an interview on TV3, Strongman elaborated on his stance, stating, “I always want the beef to be just between me and you. Like right now, I just saw Fela, and we need to vibe. But when we have to vibe, that means when we are doing beef songs, we shouldn’t involve, you know.” He further added, “I only do replies. So I only replied because Medikal mentioned my wife. But deep down, I was not happy with it because insulting an innocent girl was not part of it. I didn’t like it.”

The rapper emphasized the importance of focusing on music and artistic expression rather than resorting to personal attacks or controversies and cautioned other rappers against dragging their rivals’ significant others into any beef they might have, advocating for a more respectful approach to rivalry.

The Strongman-Medikal feud unfolded shortly after the Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale clash at the VGMA, adding to the heightened tension within the Ghanaian music industry during that period.


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