Kumawood actor. Joseph Osei, popularly known as Wayoosi, has joined the debate regarding the value of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees versus the benefits of acquiring a foreign passport.

The argument was ignited by Kofi Gabs, a Ghanaian living and working as a janitor in the Netherlands.

Kofi Gabs also known as Mr. Happiness recently acquired his Dutch passport which he said facilitated an easy traveling process when he planned to visit a friend in the United States.

For this reason, Kofi Gabs believes that a Dutch passport is more beneficial than a PhD from Ghana as he argued that even a PhD holder will not have it easy to process his traveling documents with a Ghanaian passport.


His remark pointed out that a PhD holder in Ghana without a foreign passport will not have it easy to process his traveling document if he wants to travel outside the country, unlike his Dutch passport. The reason, Kofi Gabs said the Dutch Passport is more valuable than PhD from the University of Ghana.

Wayoosi believes that comparing a PhD to a foreign passport is unnecessary, as both serve distinct and separate purposes.

He stated that if given the choice, he would unequivocally choose a foreign passport even if a law certificate is included.

In a video posted on social media, Wayoosi expressed his views candidly. “Enough of this pointless debate, okay? How can you equate a foreign passport with a PhD? Even if you combine a law degree with a PhD, my choice would still be the foreign passport. Don’t overthink this and stress yourself,” he said in Twi.

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