Ghana Immigration Service deports Shalimar Abbiusi, The New Force spokesperson – The Ghana Immigration Service repatriated the spokesperson for the New Force political movement, Shalimar Abbiusi on the night of Tuesday, December 19, 2023.

This followed her sudden re-arrest on the premises of the court earlier the same day after state prosecutors dropped charges against her.

According to Joy FM, Shalimar was repatriated around 10 pm, with her confiscated items, such as iPhone 13 and ID cards, among other things, returned to her.

Last week, Abbiusi, a Belgian National, was arraigned on accusations of presenting false documents, claiming to be a student at the Ghana Christian University College to secure a residence permit.

Despite being granted bail amounting to GHc 20,000, the case took an unexpected turn on Tuesday when immigration prosecutors, led by ACI Adolf Aboagye Asenso, declared in court that they were instructed to withdraw the charges.

The accused was then discharged, and the case was struck out as withdrawn. However, as Abbiusi left the courtroom, she was swiftly re-arrested by an immigration van, sparking accusations of a plot to deport her.

Shalimar was seen being led into a van despite resistance by her lawyers and family members. Abbiusi’s legal team, led by Francis Xavier Sosu, disclosed that it had filed a case in the Human Rights Court to challenge what the team described as arbitrary actions by the immigration service.

“We have filed an action in the Human Rights court against them. For all other processes, they may want to take for purposes of either trying to remove her from the country or not.

I am hoping that by the close of the day or by afternoon they will all be served with those actions and they will appear in court to come and answer for what they are doing. “Because we knew that there is a likelihood that they will be behaving in the manner they are behaving.

And this is so arbitrary and this should not be tolerated in any democracy,” Francis Xavier Sosu said when he spoke to Accra-based Citi FM.

Simultaneously, the Ghana Immigration Service revoked Abbiusi’s residency permit, asserting that her continuous stay in Ghana was illegal.

The decision and plans for repatriation led to chaotic scenes outside the court premises. Earlier in the day, the state prosecutor dropped all charges against Abbiusi and ordered the release of her seized iPhone 13 Pro, citing a lack of incriminating evidence.

As the legal drama unfolded, Ms Abuissi’s parents were visibly emotional as their daughter faced potential deportation.

The New Force, in a press release, on December 7, raised an alarm about power abuse, persecution of political opponents, and human rights violations amid Abbiusi’s ongoing legal battles.

Meanwhile, her lawyer, Francis Xavier Sosu, is reported as saying that despite his client’s repatriation, the legal battle would continue in the courts.


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