Ghanaian artist J.Quarsh has released a new song titled ‘Okukuseku’ that is already gaining popularity on radio stations.

The Afrobeat and Highlife track delves into the theme of fake love and betrayal, with lyrics that highlight how people can pretend to be lovers but ultimately stab us in the back.

The song ‘Okukuseku’ resonates with many listeners who have experienced deceit and betrayal in relationships.

J.Quarsh’s smooth vocals combined with the catchy beats create a mesmerizing track that will impact the music scene.

The artist skillfully conveys the emotions of heartbreak and disappointment in a way that is relatable to many.

As ‘Okukuseku’ continues gaining momentum on radio stations, fans eagerly anticipate its music video release.

J.Quarsh’s lyrics and soulful delivery remind listeners to be cautious of those who may not have their best interests at heart.

With this powerful song, J.Quarsh is solidifying his reputation as a talented musician in the Afrobeat and Highlife genres.



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