A few days ago, Ghanaian actor nicknamed Yoghurt from Junka Town Fame was reported dead.

The actor, who starred in the popular comic TV series Junka Town, became a sensation due to his exceptional acting skills and the significant impact he had on the series.

Yoghurt’s death shocked many Ghanaians, especially those who loved and watched the Junka Town Series.

As confirmed, he died from a boil in the throat.

Junka Town

Reacting to the tragic news for the first time, Too Much disclosed in the course of an interview on SVTV that Yoghurt was sick for just a week.

As explained by Too Much, before Yoghurt’s demise, they even laughed about the boil inside his throat on the phone not knowing it was consequently going to claim his life.

In the interview, Too Much additionally disclosed that Yoghurt was buried yesterday due to his Islamic faith.

Watch the video below

Source: Blackgh.com

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