Award-winning musician, Kay Swagg has made a significant change in his career by changing his name to HISA.

Born Baffour Awauh and widely known as Kay Swagg, the Sunyani-based recording and performing artist has decided to make a fresh start as he continues his musical journey.

HISA is a reflection of his evolution and growth in the industry. The name change is a symbol of his newfound inspiration and is a promising sign for his fans and supporters that there is more to expect from the versatile artist.

Kay Swagg is no longer the same artist that the industry first knew when he broke out into the music scene years ago. He has undergone several transformations in his music, style, and even his identity.

According to the ‘Kwacha‘ hit-maker, the change in his name signifies his new identity as an artist and the continuation of his late father, HISA’s works.

“HISA represents my growth as an artist both musically and personally. I am excited to continue to share my music with my fans, and this new name represents the growth and evolution of my music,” he said.

“Before my father died, he asked me to change my name from Kay Swagg to HISA which means long-lasting or everlasting”, he added.

The musician has continued to make significant strides in his career with his unique style and uplifting music. His music is inspired by his experiences growing up, his culture, and his love for highlife music.

Kay Swagg’s decision to change his name to HISA is a sign that the artist is willing to embrace change and is committed to growing his music career.

Fans are excited to see what the talented artist has in store, and it is expected that the new name will bring a fresh perspective to his music and style.

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