Prophet Kofi Oduro, the head pastor of Alabaster International Ministries, has voiced his disapproval of those who equate the significance of a foreign passport with that of a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD).

The outspoken man of God finds it illogical for people to debate the value of obtaining a foreign passport versus a PhD, especially when others are dedicating their efforts to developing innovative solutions to advance the world.

Addressing his congregation, Prophet Oduro criticized the ongoing social media discourse on passports and PhDs, labeling it as “nonsense.”

He argued that such discussions are fundamentally flawed, as they hold no value in death and bear no relevance to one’s salvation.

“Now, if someone possesses a Dutch passport, does it mean they no longer require education? They are demeaning education. While there are individuals conducting research into artificial intelligence and other areas, we are here talking nonsense,” he lamented.

“What significance does an American or British passport hold? It’s all vanity, and I’m indifferent to your opinion. When Ebony passed away, she didn’t take her visa-filled passport with her. I’ve lived overseas and am familiar with how things operate. There are opportunities, but it’s not as simple as it seems,” he fumed.

The argument was ignited by Kofi Gabs, a Ghanaian living in the Netherlands who works as a cleaner. According to Kofi Gabs, also known as Mr Happiness, a Dutch passport is more beneficial than a PhD from Ghana.

Kofi Gabs made this comment after acquiring Dutch citizenship and a passport. His remark has since sparked a debate online. Do you still agree with him or has Prophet Oduro won you over?


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