Ghanaian actor Kwadwo Nkansah, popularly known as LilWin, has addressed the criticism he faced over an error-laden press statement issued by his team.

The Kumawood star recently encountered backlash on social media after his Public Relations Officer (PRO) released a statement, full of grammatical errors, announcing LilWin’s temporary break from his radio tour in Kumasi.

Responding to the backlash, LilWin clarified that the grammatical mistakes in the statement were intentional.


He revealed that this was a strategic move to attract public attention. After the premiere of his film “A Country Called Ghana” at the National Theatre did not receive the expected media coverage, LilWin decided to use this unconventional method to spark discussions about his movie.

Expressing his disappointment at the negative reactions, LilWin questioned why the public seems more drawn to negative news rather than focusing on positive events.

“Negativity spreads rapidly. Despite completing the Accra premiere of ‘A Country Called Ghana’ and with the Kumasi premiere approaching, it appears the media’s attention has waned, possibly due to the location.

I purposely instructed my management to draft a statement with grammatical errors to gauge the reaction of Ghanaians,” he explained in Twi in a video shared by EDHUB on X.

LilWin acknowledged that his PRO faced ridicule on social media and was accused of incompetence. However, he asserted that the tactic was successful in generating interest in the movie.

He emphasized that his PRO is actually skilled and intelligent, despite the public’s skepticism about their intellectual capacity.


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