LOL 14.1 Patch Notes, Release Date, Gameplay, And Trailer: League of Legends Patch 14.1 is highly anticipated, but official patch notes are yet to be released.

Players await insights into the item system overhaul, terrain changes, map objectives, and the new three-split ranked structure, promising significant gameplay enhancements in this upcoming update.

League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL), developed by Riot Games in 2009, is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game. Inspired by Warcraft III Defense of the Ancients, Riot aimed to create a standalone MOBA experience. Free-to-play since its October 2009 release, the game monetizes through character customization purchases and is available on Windows and macOS. In this team-based game, two teams of five players engage in player-versus-player combat, each defending their half of the map.

Players control unique champions with distinct abilities, gaining power through experience, gold, and item purchases to defeat opponents. The primary mode, Summoner’s Rift, involves teams pushing through to destroy the enemy Nexus. While praised for accessibility and character design, it faces ongoing criticism for in-game player behavior. Despite this, League of Legends boasts positive reviews and sustained popularity, with millions of concurrent players, leading to various media tie-ins and spin-off games.

LOL 14.1 Patch Notes

As of now, there are no official patch notes released for League of Legends Patch 14.1. We have to wait for the official release of patch notes. Here’s what players can expect in this upcoming patch:

Item System Overhaul:

  • Removal of Mythic items to diversify builds and increase creativity.
  • Riot Games aims to shift power from items back to champions for more flexible build paths.

Terrain and Map Changes:

  • Substantial adjustments to Summoner’s Rift terrain, including a revamped jungle with new paths.
  • Changes to introduce more symmetry, providing increased security for solo laners.

Map Objectives Changes:

  • Baron Nashor and Rift Herald (Shelly) are undergoing significant reworks.
  • Baron can take different forms with unique fighting styles and pit alterations.
  • Players can ride Shelly into battle after defeating the Eye of the Herald.
  • Introduction of Voidgrubs and Voidmites in the Baron Pit, offering a permanent buff (Hunger of the Void) when defeated.

Ranked System Changes:

  • Introduction of a three-split ranked structure in 2024 (January, May, and September), with three ranked resets per year.
  • Aimed at improving the ranked experience, speeding up the climb, and providing more opportunities for players to earn rewards.

Other Expectations:

  • Anticipated Champion buffs and nerfs.
  • Bug fixes and adjustments to enhance overall gameplay.
  • Introduction of Dragonmancer skins for champions Kassadin, Fiora, Vayne, and Rakan, with Rakan also receiving a Prestige Edition of his skin.

LOL 14.1 Patch Notes Release Date

League of Legends players can anticipate the arrival of Patch 14.1 on Wednesday, January 10, 2024, in Pacific Time. This update is expected to bring significant changes, including an overhaul of the item system, adjustments to Summoner’s Rift terrain, revamped map objectives like Baron Nashor and Rift Herald, and a new three-split ranked structure.

With the official release of patch notes on the scheduled date, players will gain insight into the specific alterations, champion buffs and nerfs, bug fixes, and other adjustments enhancing the gaming experience in Season 14.1. Stay tuned for comprehensive details on the upcoming League of Legends update.


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