Ghanaian rapper, Joseph Gamor, professionally called Lyrical Joe has expressed his disappointment and frustration over losing the Best Rapper of the Year award at the 2023 Ghana Music Awards to Amerado.

In an interview on TV3’s New Day on Friday, May 24, the rap sensation expressed his belief that he was unfairly overlooked. He argued that his song, nominated in the ‘Best Rap Performance’ category, fully met the criteria to win.

The rapper made known that his spotlight was unfairly taken, asserting, “Personally, I feel cheated. My songs that get nominated for Best Rap Performance, it is boot for boot. If it is being judged by the board, you will pick every one of them.

He further highlighted the unique qualities of his work, emphasizing, “I am the only person that almost has a ten-minute rap song in the category with a ten-minute music video with different deliveries, puns on puns, everything that they said that it’s been looked for.

According to the ‘Enter’ hitmaker, Amerado’s win was unexpected. He believed his work was more deserving of the award, particularly his fifth August songs, which he felt exemplified the best in rap performance.

“Anytime any of my fifth August songs gets nominated and it doesn’t win, I feel cheated,” he stated.


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