The frequency at which certain romantic relationships turn deadly or inflict severe harm on individuals is becoming a grave concern.

It begs the question of whether we truly grasp the essence of ‘Love,’ given its rampant misuse.

Today, on Oyerepa Afutuo (29th May 2024), a harrowing account surfaced. A young woman shared her tragic experience: her boyfriend, with whom she shares a child, viciously attacked them with acid.

The condition of the woman, identified as Philomena, is heart-wrenching. She now faces a dire situation of agony and uncertainty, fighting for her life.

As narrated by Philomena’s mother during a live radio broadcast, the incident unfolded after Philomena asked her boyfriend, Enoch Mensah, to repay a debt of Ghc1300 that he owed her. Enoch, without hesitation, agreed to settle the debt.

The urgency stemmed from their need to accumulate enough money to secure a new place to live, as their current accommodation was no longer viable.

Enoch kept his promise by accompanying Philomena to make a down payment of Ghc500 for their new residence. Subsequently, Philomena returned to their current place to attend to their hungry child.

According to Philomena’s mother’s account on the radio, Enoch unexpectedly arrived at their location after the down payment and approached Philomena, who was then breastfeeding their child. He insisted on having a conversation, requesting that she put the child aside to listen.

Philomena declined, focused on feeding her child. Ignoring her refusal, Enoch callously poured acid on both Philomena and the child, swiftly fleeing the scene and leaving the innocent victims to endure unimaginable suffering.

Tragically, the child succumbed to the attack, while Philomena fights for her life with grave injuries.


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