British-Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Marco Lowrey is gearing up to release his brand-new single “Ohemaa”, a love song produced by Ugly and Tough.

This sweet serenade is dedicated to the ladies, with Marco Lowrey assuring his queen that his love for her remains strong despite the passage of time.

In “Ohemaa”, Marco Lowrey promises to spoil his love interest, take her on a dream holiday, and grant her every desire.

His smooth vocals and the song’s catchy melody make for a romantic and uplifting listen. With this song, Marco Lowrey aims to rekindle the flames of love and passion in relationships.

As a Ghanaian artist based in the UK, Marco Lowrey brings a unique blend of cultures and influences to his music.

His soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics have captured the attention of fans worldwide, and “Ohemaa” is sure to further solidify his reputation as a talented and romantic balladeer.

“Ohemaa” is set to drop on 21st June 2024 on all major music streaming platforms. Get ready to be serenaded by Marco Lowrey’s sweet vocals and Ugly and Tough’s infectious production!


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