In a bold display, a group of married women in Asaba, Nigeria have taken to the streets to protest the growing issue of “husband snatching” in their community.

The video, which has captured the attention of social media users, took place in a local market as the women, visibly agitated, stormed out to voice their concerns.

Carrying placards, the protesters made their message clear: “We are tired, Single girls, leave our husbands and come back to their wives and children.

According to eyewitnesses, the demonstration was sparked by the women’s growing frustration over the alarming rate at which single ladies have been “snatching” their husbands.

The protesters vowed to expose any lady, should they catch wind of them.

The market scene has since gone viral on social media, resonating with many who have faced similar challenges within their marriages.

As the Asaba protest continued to be felt, the video as undeniably sparked buzz online, garnering the attention of viewers and leading to waves of debates.


Here are some reactions from netizens:

@kingkhone4real : “Embrace polygamy and enjoy your life”

@ayokay13 : “Has it gotten to this point?”

@chuxenyi : “After driving their husbands out with bad character, they’re blaming sidechicks that her doing their jobs for them ?”

@iam_Jiga : “You dey protest for market, those wey dey Snatch dem dey DBS road”

@YahBuchi: “Dey play???? This is a very lucrative business in Asaba?


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