Military brutalities that dented Ghana’s democratic credentials in 2023 – In the pursuit of safeguarding nations and maintaining order, the corridors of military power often echo tales of heroism, sacrifice, and resilience.

However, within this noble narrative, there exists a darker side seldom brought to light – a chronicle of military brutality incidents that unveils the harsh realities faced by those caught in the crossfire.

This exploration delves into the uncomfortable truths, shedding light on instances where the thin line between duty and abuse becomes blurred.

As we embark on this journey through the annals of history, our aim is not to undermine the valiant efforts of those who protect but rather to expose the shadows that linger within the ranks.

In the pages that follow, we will confront the uncomfortable questions surrounding power, accountability, and the human cost of conflict.

Through firsthand accounts, historical records, and a compassionate lens, this chronicle seeks to provoke thoughtful reflection on the complexities of military service and the imperative for ethical conduct.

Join us as we navigate through the untold stories, acknowledging the humanity that exists behind the uniform and acknowledging the urgency of addressing military brutality.

This chronicle is an invitation to engage in a collective conversation about the impact of power wielded without restraint and the imperative to build a more just, humane, and accountable military framework.

Ashaiman’s Siege – March 7, 2023

The military besieged Ashaiman on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, with helicopters and armored vehicles, following the murder of a military officer, Trooper Sherriff Imoro.

Allegedly stabbed by unknown assailants, Imoro’s death triggered a brutal retaliation by the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), justifying their actions as an attempt to apprehend perpetrators of heinous crimes.

The armed soldiers stormed homes, arresting and beating innocent residents, subjecting them to dehumanizing treatment.

While widely condemned, the Ghana Armed Forces defended their actions, claiming high command approval.

Civil Society Organizations and the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) labeled it an unacceptable human rights violation.

A total of 184 residents were detained and allegedly tortured before being released.

Despite the Ghana Police Service’s report suggesting Imoro’s murder was linked to armed robbers, the incident raised questions about the balance between justice and military response.

The Defence and Interior Committee’s visit to investigate the matter seemed to fade into obscurity.

Garu’s Ordeal – October 29

On October 29, 2023, officers of the Ghana Armed Forces subjected residents of Garu in the Upper East Region to brutalization. Scores were injured and traumatized without being informed of their offense.

The assault, it was later revealed, stemmed from a confrontation between National Security officials and a local vigilante group.

This incident highlighted the use of military power without proper justification and accountability, adding another layer to the growing concerns surrounding military brutality.

Clement Zing’s Tragedy – November 20, 2023

On November 20, 2023, 15-year-old orphan Clement Zing faced brutalization by military officers in Talensi, Ghana. Accused of filming soldiers with his uncle’s phone, Zing was mercilessly attacked with twisted steel cables while his hands were tied.

The soldiers destroyed the phone, leaving him traumatized. “Three other soldiers joined them, making five. They asked me to take off the shirt I was wearing and tied me up.

“Then, they began to beat me with cables. One of them did not take part in the beating. He said he understood my language.

“After beating me, they destroyed the phone. The phone belongs to my uncle who looks after me because my parents are no more.

“They kept me in the room for some hours and released me later to go home,” young Zing narrated to Media Without Borders.

Zing’s story brings to light the vulnerability of civilians, even minors, to unchecked military actions. His ordeal reinforces the urgent need for a more compassionate and accountable military framework.


These incidents, while disturbing, underscore the imperative for a collective conversation about the impact of unchecked power within the military.

As we unveil these shadows, it is a call to action – a plea for a more just, humane, and accountable approach to military service, where the line between duty and abuse is clearly defined and respected.


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