Mistrust And Suspicion Keep Us From Development – Mensa Otabil: General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) Dr. Mensa Otabil, has emphasized the detrimental impact of mistrust on the development of African societies.

In a message delivered during the Thanksgiving Service commemorating the church’s 40 years, on Sunday, March 3, 2024, Dr. Otabil highlighted the pervasive mentality of mistrust in African communities, attributing it to a combination of witchcraft beliefs and unfounded suspicions.

He expressed concern over how a mere dream could lead to the alienation of individuals, hindering collaboration and cooperation within society.

“One of the dangers of the African society is our mentality of mistrust fueled by witchcraft and suspicion of people. In our part of the world, just by a dream, somebody can counsel you, somebody can write you off because they saw you and they felt something about you. They may decide never to deal with you. That kind of spiritual suspicion breaks trust amongst us,” Dr. Otabil lamented.

Citing a historical perspective, he asserted, “I read many years ago that one of the fundamental problems of the African society that keeps us from development is mistrust. We don’t trust. We are very suspicious people, and I believe it comes from the witchcraft angle of our spirituality. That is why I do not preach a message to encourage that mindset because we must build a different mind that empowers people. Our nature, culture, and customs influence everything.”

Despite acknowledging the challenges, Dr. Otabil outlined a vision for the future of the ICGC, emphasizing the need for the church to remain on the cutting edge for generations to come in a message titled “Building a Trans-generational Church,

“We say that 40 years from now, our church should still be on the cutting edge. Another 40 years after that, it should be on the cutting edge, and another 40 years after that, it should still be on the cutting edge. When we’re all gone, the church should still be there,” he proclaimed.

To realize this vision, General Overseer underscored the importance of ICGC becoming a trans-generational church, not only existing through time but also fostering a legacy across generations.

“If ICGC will be effective as a church, it must be a trans-generational church both in time and across time,” he stated, challenging the congregation to cultivate a mindset of trust and collaboration for the sustained growth of the church and the broader society.

Source: Blackgh.com

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