Moesha Bodoung Cannot Walk Nor Talk Properly – Brother Opens Up On Stroke Reports: Ghanaian socialite Moesha Bodoung is currently facing the daunting aftermath of a recent stroke, severely impacting her ability to walk and communicate effectively.

The distressing news was shared by her brother, Ebito Bodoung, who disclosed the details in a heartfelt statement on a GoFundMe account created in his name on January 22, 2024.

In the statement released on a GoFundMe account, Ebito painted a vivid picture of the challenges Moesha faces, stating, “My sister Moesha Bodoung has recently experienced a life-altering stroke, and her journey to recovery has just begun. The impact of the stroke on her life has been immense, affecting her mobility, speech, and overall quality of life.”

Ebito, seeking support from the public, revealed the gravity of the situation, highlighting the urgent need for assistance in covering Moesha’s medical expenses.

The brother expressed, “But we believe in the power of God, love, support, and community to bring about positive change!”

Amidst the distressing revelation, Ebito shared that the funds raised through the campaign would be directed towards Moesha’s rehabilitation journey, covering essential aspects such as medical expenses, therapy sessions, assistive devices, and other resources crucial for her recovery.

“My goal is to provide my sister with the best possible care and support during this challenging time. We want to help her regain her independence, rebuild her strength, and restore her abilities,”

Ebito further expressed gratitude for the support received thus far and urged the community to unite to make a lasting impact on Moesha’s path to recovery.

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness, compassion, and generosity. Your support means everything to us and to our beloved sister. Let’s come together as a community and make a difference in her journey to recovery! Please donate today and be a part of our family’s story of resilience and hope,” he implored.


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